Wellness Intensives

An abbreviated path to wellness. 

Marriage Wellness Intensive

6-8 total sessions
1-2 times a week

Whether you find yourself in a long term conflict or challenges have recently escalated, all couples go through difficult times. The Marriage Wellness Intensive is intended for 6-8 sessions for couples to promptly get to the root of the problem and collectively work towards marriage wellness. This is not intended to be seen as marriage counseling but as a relationship bootcamp to get back on the path of functionality and peace. 

6-8 total sessions
1-2 times a week

Co-Parenting Wellness Intensive

Cooperative Parenting is difficult regardless of the relationship of the children's parents. When conflict increases between the parents however, effectively caring for children together increases in challenge. Whether it is due to child/family challenges or post divorce, the Co-Parenting Wellness intensive offers applicable strategies and solution focused goals that aid in co-parenting functioning. The wellness will not only be felt by the parents but the family as a whole.

Adolescent Wellness Intensive

6-8 total sessions
1-2 times a week

The adolescent years present more challenges today then ever before. Whether it is everyday issues or increased difficulty due to social / family issues, the Adolescent Wellness Intensive is intended to provide an abbreviated  solution-focused program to aid adolescents in their wellness. These intensives are family systems based and empathetically directed to aid their social and family functioning. 

6-8 total sessions
1-2 times a week

Mommy Wellness & Recovery Intensive

Its Hard to Be a MOM!
Whether you feel overwhelmed or just not yourself ....WE CAN HELP!
Tools and Skills to find Wellness though topics such as...Sanity Savers , Self Care,  Co- Parenting ,                      Marriage Management, Parenting Guidance , Body Acceptance,.

Enrolling now for our Mommy Wellness and Recovery Intensive beginning in April 2017.
A 6 week group run by several Stella Maris Counseling & Wellness.
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